The ANTIDEGREE SHOW provides a space for artists who do not have an art degree to showcase their
    work and meet with potential gallery representatives or curators. Just like an end-of-year show at a higher
    education institution, each participant will have a space to showcase a project they have been working
    on, gain exhibition experience and meet external audiences. Galleries and curators looking to work with
    artists without formal training are invited to the opening event to view work and meet with artists.

    The ANTIDEGREE SHOW 2019 was held at LOFT, Croydon Arts Store, Croydon from the 15th to the 21st of
    June. The event ran as part of ANTIUNIVERSITY NOW, a collaborative experiment to challenge
    institutionalised education, access to learning and the mechanism of knowledge creation and distribution.

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    CLASS OF 2019:

    Mandisa Apena
    Anna Arbiter
    Nuura Axmed
    Alex Badescu
    Lena Bartolomeu
    Neeral Bhatt
    Marcus Davies
    Mamady Diana
    Kun Fang
    Jakub Fiala
    Josephine Glass
    Josh Hoffman
    Joe Pengelly
    Ceridwen Raynor
    Kat Terek
    Kelly Wu

    With a special presentation by neoliberal arts london
    Curated by Rosie Mills Eckmire 

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